Peter Britt is a country recording artist, singer songwriter and a serious writer as well as a poet. Hopefully, after reading the excerpts from the book, you'll agree.
There is a second venture I've decided to immerse myself in now, a science-fiction story I'm writing titled:

The Devastation

Please click one and enjoy the excerpts from either book

WE HAVE A WINNER of the Book Title contest.
The winning entry is:
"All That I Am, I Think!"

Marlene Slater "Marli"

  of My Kind of Country is the Book title contest winner. Marli runs "My Kind of Country", a country web-site dedicated to helping promote and support unknown artists. She's a terrific lady and we thank and congratulate her.

Here's what Marli has won!

1.        A personally autographed CD

2.        A personally autographed ORIGINAL demo

3.       A personally autographed 8x10

4.       A personally autographed poster

5.        A one year free membership in the Peter Britt fan club

6.       When and "if" the book is published, a personally  autographed  copy of the book.

7.       Your name will be in the book as contributing to the title.

8.       A dinner date with Peter Britt...Hehehe I'm kidding, just dinner, but when I play your city, I'll buy you  dinner.  Promise!  No burgers either...hehehe :)

9.       My absolute favorite guitar pick ever. "sniff" :)

Again, congratulations to Marlene Slater for her terrific entry.


Since I can remember, a burning desire has been hidden, deep within me.  It took me a long time and much soul searching to decipher it.  Thanks to my wonderful wife Sheri, and some very good friends, I was finally able to come to the point where I could understand it.  On the next page, you're going to see a sampling of those feelings.  Some will agree with what I have to say, some will not.  Regardless, I'm doing it as an expression of my heart and soul.  I can only hope you will enjoy what you read and you'll get the opportunity to read it all in print.  That, is my pursuit.  Thank you for sharing this time with me and my thoughts. Click below to get there.

All That I am, I Think!
Peter Britt

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