Thank you for your interest in Peter Britt's music. Peter has completed his new CD titled, "That's What Living's For" and it is available for purchase. The CD, includes the five songs from the demo and 6 new original tunes. This is a fully professional, digital, studio production. When a label signs Peter, you will be able to purchase his music at your local music outlet, but at this time, it is only available through Krystal Vision Productions.

If you're interested in joining the Peter Britt fan club, included with membership are:
Numbered Membership ID, autographed 8x10 glossy, bi-annual newsletter and fan club pen or bumper sticker.

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  Peter Britt's Demo "What's Living For?" (Cassette Tape)


  The Peter Britt Fan Club-Annual membership


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  The Peter Britt CD "That's What Living's For"


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Inside the U.S. Demo $4.00
Inside the U.S. CD $4.00
Outside the U.S. $6.50

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If you would like to find out more about The Peter Britt fan club,
you can do so by contacing fan club President, Sheri Britt at:,

A personal message from Peter Britt:

Country rock's! Always remember, change, is inevitable.
The only thing that will ever change the course of any
genre of music, are the heart's and soul's of those who
make it. What they make it, is what it is. For there, is
where it is born.......

Peter Britt