Below you will find a sampling of Peter Britt's poetic writing's. We will be adding more soon, so check back to read more as it is included here. We hope you enjoy the emotion, passion, anguish, love and joy expressed here by Peter Britt.

The Blossoming

It is the darkness of winter I loathe. With her apart from me there can be no light, no warmth, no brightness of day. The clothes of cold hang about me, satisfied that I might feel the fury of another day piercing deep into my skin. Never giving freedom of pain or regret, it cuts into me. Her face and the sweet scent of spring and autumn alive within me, though the leaves are hidden now, devoured by this coat of purity which bites at my flesh. It takes my world alive with her in it and casts a shadow over all things in her absence. This call I answer is one of hope, that she will return and with her, bring the light. I wait. No other future awaits me but, the one she gives. Her love offers life to the world and warms this desolate place. There is no salvation without her. I take part in nothing, I witness nothing. The days show no sign of peace until her warmth calms the rage of winter in her return. Only then will I know again the joy of love, the serenity of spring or the bloom of fresh life she inspires. Only then, will I rest. This world, dark and bleak holds no wonderment for me until she embraces me once more. Each day, I wait.


I had seen her before, lustful stares filling eyes of want to the ends of all understanding. Her voice, beckoning of moments yet to pass, a scorching presence filled the air about and around her enticing all, dare approach. To be weak, this was the means to avail my soul of all misgiving. No regret in this heart, none partaken or shared. Merely the moment savored of flesh torn by the teeth, lusted after from the heart and entrusted to my hands. A passion few could feel, much less could they comprehend such darkness of the true heart. This, this was the prize offered for the passing of regret, for the worth of a soul. Completeness of rapture she extended without compromise, no compunction would she hold as she pulled her heart from deep within and let it be taken for the greatest of pleasures. To be strong, this would a man be were he blind to the trappings of such genuine delights. Weakness was mine, I could see it within me. Weakness so true, so rewarding, so without inhibition, it pierced deeply inside and burned. The truth was an empowering presence indeed. A truth I had not known before. A moment untold by fantasy, unknown by whim or desire of any man, but those she held. An instant, did I ponder the price of glorious absolution of pain, of the void within me she would fill. Knowledge would be mine to savor, to taste and revel in. I had seen her before, the lustful stare about her. It was my eyes she revealed to me. There was my price, to never know myself again, but be born anew into pleasures I could not know, I had never known. Truth had seen me and lighted the path I should walk. I was never to want again, for having known the truest moment of rapture to behold. Time was now mine to endure, to pain me, always. To taste her, but once, this is the prize and punishment for unfulfilled dreams. To finally partake at the end, this is my undoing.

This Vicious Kiss

This beast devours me. Her wiles are those of the truest wanton desire. Her glow is such, I resign myself to let her take me and consume my flesh. I feel my blood coursing through me, racing as my heart pounds in my chest from her touch. She is purest lust and she paints my body with the most passionate hands. In the night, she is master and I am taken by her want for pleasures unknown, unrealized. The beast takes control over me and I am helpless. In the shadows of the darkness, only a wisp of light breaks through. I see her lips, red and wet. I long for them to touch me. They part to show me two points of rage and hunger. Brilliant and sharp, they glisten in this meager light and I fear them. To escape this ravenous hunger is of no avail as she traces them over my body. I shudder as their touch pushes me beyond any place I've ever been. I feel her lips cover me as she makes known her intentions, yet I cannot retreat. She has taken my thoughts and forms them to what she desires. Her lips, sweet and warm against my skin trace my neck so slowly, she tastes my skin as her breath becomes hard and hot against my neck.
This passion is maddening and I succumb to her every thought and touch so willingly. The moment comes; I feel nothing less than a power surging through my body. She wildly covets my flesh with her lips and I feel the lustful piercing of my skin. The pain, so deep and filled with ecstasy. A luscious surrendering of hope, I concede to her without hesitation as I feel her penetrate deep and deliberately into my neck. The warmth runs from my skin freely and drips from her lips taken with their task of passion and sensual delight. Her hands lock with mine as her lustful frenzy of hunger continues. As she draws her need from within me, her lust fills me with the excitement she feels. I sense her mixing with me as the power races through my body. I become a part of her as her essence mingles with mine.
She drinks the very life from me and I feel faint, but her touch and hunger satisfy in a way, which takes over. It was not possible I could not know this depth of passion, of sensuality or hunger before. As she draws the life from me, she replaces it with her own and takes me as her possession. This fate I once feared so much, I now give myself to and I give my life's blood to satisfy her rage. This moment of passion, unlike most, never ends as she drinks warm from my skin. I become one with the night from her vicious kiss, I become the one who thirsts, I turn and feed upon her with the same fevered hunger and please myself, as I will please her beyond this world, beyond her darkest dreams, eternally. We live now to hunger for each other together, forever, embraced in this vicious kiss.

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